The Green Shed Foundation

The Green Shed donates regular lump sums of $10,000 to local charities. Through the generous support and assistance of the Canberra public, we have already raised over $ 730,000 for local organisations.

About The Green Shed Foundation Canberra

Barnardos Cerebral Palsy Alliance FBIC

The Green Shed (TGS) is a privately run business dedicated to provision of excellent service with a commitment to advancing social objectives in the ACT community in a regular and uniquely benevolent manner. TGS is owned in equal partnership by local enterpreneurs Charles Bigg-Wither and Goran (Tiny) Srejic and they are assisted in the business by their partners Sandie Parkes and Elaine Stanford.

The TGS management team are at the point in ther lives where they feel the genuine need to give back to the Canberra Community and this is the philosophy that we live by when managing our various operations.


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